About us


Jen Mullen and Helen Scoville - The Rooted Bloom owners/founders

The Rooted Bloom was birthed from two friends' passion for wellness and women’s health.

We provide women with nutrient-focused snacks and nutrition products to nourish the body and soul through life’s variable changes. Our philosophy is that beauty and health start from within.

We use superfoods in all our products because they are nutrient-dense, have effective gut-balancing properties, and are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Because of the stressors of everyday life, we have added adaptogens to bring our clients to a more zen state of mind. All of our products are gluten-free and organic. Every woman deserves to feel her best while living an abundant life. 

Here is a quick background on our founders, Helen and Jen. 

Helen has long had a passion for all things health and wellness, most notably since the birth of her three daughters. As a certified Integrative Health Coach, she knows firsthand that many women struggle to balance self-care and nutrition. She has long used a holistic lens to help clients live more vibrant lives, specifically through their food choices. 

Jen has been a Whole Foods chef for over 20 years, and more recently has expanded her education to become a Holistic Nutrition Therapy Master. Trained at the National Gourmet Institute in NYC, as well as the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Boulder, CO, she is passionate about using high-quality ingredients that deliver nourishment without taking the joy out of eating. She truly believes that: Food is fuel, food is fun, and food is connection.